iMAb delivers human antibodies for your pipeline


Antibody development includes:

  • In vitro selection and screening (on cells, proteins or peptides)
  • Human/mouse cross-reacting mAb
  • IgG reformatting (#species, #isotype, Fc KO or ADCC-enhanced)
  • Functional validation (agonist/antagonist/competition/inhibition/ADCC/CDC/...)


In vitro display technologies offer unique advantages over hybridoma technology, particularly for challenging targets like integral membrane proteins.


iMAb uses proprietary computer-designed synthetic repertoires of human mAbs optimized for diversity, expression, and affinity for in vitro screening.


iMAb is a biotech company with an integrated approach to develop human antibodies.
The company was spun out from Inserm and uses proprietary know-how and a highly diverse library containing billions of candidate antibodies.


  • Recognized team of experts in antibody discovery
  • Proprietary in vitro optimized human libraries
  • 100% delivery track record as of today*

(*) > 30 (academic) programs including: GPCR agonists, enzyme inhibitors, anti-splicing-variants, anti-post-translational modifications, anti-receptor tyrosine kinases, anti-ligand, ... (many of them cross-reactive human/mouse)


Latest news

BIO-EUROPE 2018 - Copenhagen, Danmark

November 5-7, 2018

Meet iMAb at the 24th annual BIO-Europe, Europe's largest partnering conference serving the global biotechnology industry

FESTIVAL OF BIOLOGICS 2018 - basel switzerland

October 29-31, 2018

Meet iMAb at the Festival of Biologics, a technology exhibition for the biologics community gathering 1200 antibody, biosimilar, immunotherapy and high potency API development professionals, as well as leading academics and innovative suppliers.